Saturday, 31 January 2009

>>> The Weekend! <<<

Spent the weekend chilling out! It was wayyy too cold to go out!


Both boys had to skip swimming lessons as they weren't feeling well (Zac just recovering from fever and Ollie was coughing and sneezing!) Hubs went over to Leicester in the afternoon to see a house that his youngest sis was looking to buy. His verdict was that it was too close to a motorway but hey, the decision it ultimately hers to make!

As for me, I spent my time sorting out my LOs. Yup, over the past few years, I had conveniently chucked them in 12x12 baggies and left them and now it was time to sort them out properly. I pulled previous ones out from the albums and sorted them according to the people that I had scrapped. So each of the boys had a pile, as well as both of them together. Then there was moi, relatives, friends, inanimated objects etc.

The 12 x12 LOs.
I only started doing 12x12 in the middle of last year after spending years with 8.5x11 ones.

The 8.5x11" LOs.
This is just a tiny part of them! Also realised that Zac (my youngest) has a much higher pile than Oliver! Oops, certainly didn't mean to scrap him less!

Once done, went through each pile and sorted them according to dates (realised a fair few with no dates which made them very difficult ... note to self: put dates on LOs in future!) It took me the whole nite & wee morning to sort out my 8.5x11" LOs and there were loads! I ran out of page protectors for them and ended up using the normal A4 punch pockets instead! As I was on a roll, I just had to continue. I think I'm just gonna put them in normal folders as opposed to albums.


Continued my sorting out process and attacked my 12x12 pile as well as 6x12 ones too. The whole process was repeated and each LO carefully put into page protectors. Unfortunately had to go online to buy more 12x12 page protectors (can't find any alternatives to them).

While sorting, a few alphabets fell out and I realised those that did were the Heidi Swapp chipboards ones. Gosh the glue in them are absolutely crap! Another chipboard alpha that fell out were those from Pressed Petals. I won't be surprised if they came from the same factory that made them! I'll be more wary of using chipboard alphas from now on or ensure they had extra adhesive on them.

I'm so glad I've got them sorted out. They were part of my cleaning up process last year. Now to finish up sorting my stamps as I've still got a few bags left to tackle. After that, sorting out papers. They are beginning to irriate me as they are literally in baggies everywhere! Sheesh, never realised there were so much chores to do with scrapbooking!

There were predictions of snow falling the weekend and it did! Not a lot but it did snow.

It might get worst tomorrow! Fingers crossed the schools will close! TTFN!

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