Thursday, 15 January 2009

>>> Unlucky! <<<

Hub's car was broken into this morning. They took his wallet and phone. God knows why the heck he left them in the car but that he hasn't learnt from past experience where his car was broken into a few years ago!!! My car was also on the driveway but it was untouched. I guess they saw the muck inside and thought better of it! I even sent hubs out last nite to retrieve Zac's violin that was in the boot and never once did he thought to look into his car to take anything out!

Anyway, he made the necessary calls to the banks to cancel the cards and was told that a neighbour had found his wallet sans cards! Not a surprise!

I'm sure they would have a harder time breaking into the Jag than a VW Golf GTi! Then again, if they wanted to steal, they would do anything! TTFN!

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