Tuesday, 13 January 2009

>>> On Display! <<<

Well, now that the Homegrown Fall Survival programme is over, I can reveal the rest of my stuff that I did!

This LO was done as a challenge to try and record memories that you didn't have photos for. Well, I used to play a rope game when I was little and it was a pity I never had any photos taken as I played it all the time with my friends! Hence the photo of rubberbands and the journaling behind it.

I created a 2008 album. I've been doing such albums for 2006 -08. It's a good reflection of the year but oh, it's every so hard to chose just 1 photo to reflect that particular month!

In all, I created 11 LOs and a mini album with the kit and still have loads leftover! It has been a fun kit to work with! Looking forward to the Winter Survival kit. TTFN!

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Yasmin said...

My brother is a BIG BIG blues supporter!!! Great that you scrapped your pics of the grounds.