Tuesday, 27 January 2009

>>> Random Thoughts! <<<

Read this on the website and I was howling with laughter. Apparently, a disgruntled customer of Virgin Airway complaining about the food from Mumbai to Heathrow. Although I sincerely sympathise with the customer, his complaint letter was simply hilarious!

Zac spent the last two days at home, down with fever. Thankfully it wasn't serious, just need Calpol and lots of fluid and sleep and plenty of TLC! Luckily, MIL was able to have him while I went to work.

Been busy completing my A-Z BOM pages. I've completed Q, R and S letters so far. Got all my words sorted out for the other letters and now I just need to print out photos for it. Been digging into my Scarlet Lime kits too and having fun with them.

It's nearly the end of January! Sheesh, time is passing by so quickly. I've noticed it's getting darker much later too. Today it started getting dark from 5pm onwards. Looking so forward when the day is much longer. TTFN!

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