Sunday, 25 January 2009

>>> Chinese New Year Eve! <<<

I usually hold the traditional Chinese New Year dinner and this year was no exception. It was a little low key this year as not all the family members were available but we still had a great time. Best part about the meal is little preparation is required as everything is raw, well almost! We actually cooked the ingredients in a pot (aka steamboat) during the meal.

Hubs prepared a cooked duck, more for the kiddies.

Laying out the ingredients for the meal, fishball, cuttleball, fish tofu, vegetable, king prawns, squids and raw, marinated beef!

And this is the steamboat that we use to cook the ingredients in. We actually make use of a rice cooker although one can actually purchase a proper steamboat (not sure if it exist in this country though as I hardly see this particular cuisine eaten in restaurants. It's very common in Singapore!

Pity I didn't have a tin of abalone, it would have been an icing on the cake! However, meal went well and kids enjoyed it. TTFN!

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