Monday, 5 January 2009

>>> Battle Of The Wills <<<

between mom & youngest son! So I decided to cook a 'vegetarian' soup containing of chinese cabbage, carrot, seaweed, vermicelli and fish tofu. Soup was made using bean paste and vegetarian stock. Called the boys down and both turned their nose up when they realised no meat was available. I do try to have a vegetarian meal once a week so as to detox. Don't like them eating too much meat in a week. Anyway, the eldest sat down and began to eat and even had second helpings. The youngest decided he didn't want to eat and had his head on his arm the whole meal, whimpering away! In the end, told him he either eat or go to bed as I wouldn't put up with his nonsense! So the whimpering got louder and I brought him upstairs, changed him into his pjs and put him to bed. Dad tried to console him to no avail. He was determined to make himself heard! I told hubs he was not to even attempt to make an alternative meal for him. He eats what is on the table otherwise too bad! I've seen instances where moms give in to their children's dislike of food and end up cooking different meals for different child... bloody ridiculous! Parents should be in charge not the kids!

Anyway, after half an hour in bed, the little mite decided that he wasn't gonna win as both of us ignored him. So he did the most sensible thing, went downstairs and ate his dinner! Every single morsel of rice was gone and he even had a bowl of cereals after that! And then afterwards, acted as if nothing ever happened!

Moral of the story, stick to your guts and break their resolve. Kids are there to test your limits and see how far they can push. Give in and you are slave to them! I didn't and my son now knows better than to throw a tantrum on the dining table! Now to get them to eat curry...... :) TTFN!

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