Thursday, 1 January 2009

>>> Happy New Year! <<<

All of us had a lie in including the kiddies and we didn't stir till 11ish in the morning. Felt good not to have to get up so early. The afternoon was spent taking a walk down the beach in Poole. Daft thing to do as it was freezing cold and after a while, I gave up and went back to the car to take cover. Wimp! But the cold and moi are not best mates!

The boys loved playing with the sand and we kinda limited them to sand only as they would go to the sea if they could!

Moi, all bundled up and still feeling the chill!

Having a great time chilling out here. Managed to complete a couple of pages while I'm here. Yup, brought my scrapping stuff here but limited to Homegrown Fall Survival kit as I'm still working on them. With the boys engrossed with their cousins, I had time on my hand and made full use of it! TTFN!

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