Thursday, 8 January 2009

>>> Desperate! <<<

to try and get cheap flights to Singapore during the summer hols! I have to admit that I CAN'T look after the boys during the 6 weeks by myself! I'll go bonkers! That's why either I need to go back home or have my parents come up. Seeing that they aren't spring chickens now, it's much better for us to go over instead. Anyway, why the heck do I want to hang around the UK during summer? Weather is diabolical at times and I need to get away from this country to refresh and recharge! I can't tell you how last year's trip made a big difference to me, having had time off housework, cooking and being able to hang out with friends once in a while while my parents looked after the boys. I came back recharged and full of energy. Not worn out like the other moms who couldn't wait for the school term to start. Most of them were complaining how they had had enough of their kids. Well, I didn't feel that way, instead, I had a great time with them (only b'cos I wasn't with them all the time! Ha!)

So the hunt began... popped into Thomson as I booked with them last year. Unfortunately the date I want to leave doesn't offer much in terms of discount. However, leaving a week earlier would.... mmm have to check the school calendar! The school recently sent out a leaflet about taking kids out of school during term time for holidays, which they kinda discourage! Anyway, seeing that it's the last week of the entire school term, where everything is being cleaned out for the next school term, I can't see the Head saying 'no' to my request! During that period, the kids either play with toys or watch video most of the time. So I can't see my sons losing out in terms of lessons. In fact they get to start their hols a week earlier! ;)

But seriously, a day difference in flight dates make a BIG difference, we are talking about paying double the amount if you leave a day later! How ridiculous is that! I'm not surprised parents chose to book their hols during term time especially when the price is far far cheaper! Blame it on the travel agents and those involved in holiday pricing for jetting up the prices during school holidays! It 's not fair!

Think I'll hunt a bit more before getting the tickets... I won't sleep easy until I know I'm booked to go home! Miss my dad so much! TTFN!

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