Monday, 12 January 2009

>>> Accolades & Brickbats! <<<

Last Friday, got a lovely bouquet of flowers from the mom of the boy that I look after in school. I wasn't expecting it and it was a pleasant surprise!

Not a good idea taking it in at nite!

Just practising my macro shots!

Not everyday is a good day and today was one of them. We had wet play i.e. it rained outside so the kids couldn't go out. The alternative is to gather them in the hall where we have a disco session. It can be a bit of a nitemare sometimes! Anyway, cutting the long story short, I ended up in the special needs class and trying to calm a particularly violent kid, prone to kicking and lashing out at others when he gets into that mood! So here I am, trying to restrain him but at the same time keeping an arm's length as he has a tendency to jerk his head backwards. Thankfully, his teacher came and took over but it sure as hell left me shocked. The incident only made me feel thankful that I've got normal kids. TTFN!

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