Saturday, 17 January 2009

>>> The Weekend's Here Again! <<<

I was looking at the calendar and suddenly realised that Chinese New Year is next Monday (26th)! OMG! That means I need to sort out the traditional New Year Eve dinner. I make it a point to try and follow tradition by having the reunion dinner here and that mean have a steamboat dinner with the immediate family. Wish I was in Singapore for this festival as you can really feel the buzz and get really excited about it. Over here, it's dead quiet!

Anyway, hubs and I went to Wing Yip to get stuff for next week's reunion dinner. Bought the usual stuff, king prawns, squids, fish tofu, fishball etc. Pity I don't have a tin of abalone. It would have make the meal even more delicious but unfortunately it's wayyyy too cost to buy it in this country! Oh well, will just have to make do with what I can get here for the dinner.

Will have to see if the boys can fit into their Chinese New Year outfits! It will be great to have a photo of them in it! TTFN!

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