Friday, 30 January 2009

>>> RIP! <<<

My dad called and told me my uncle passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack! It happened yesterday and his wife brought him to the hospital but in the wee morning, he suffered another 4 more attacks and as a result, passed away. I'm reeling from shock at his sudden death. He was only 61 years old and still actively working! Just goes to show how transient life can be... one minute you're here and the next, you're gone! Just wondering if he missed the signs of heart attack as usually your body will alert you, signs that something isn't right. My mom and her sis are now busy preparing the funeral arrangements. I used to see him a lot when I was younger, playing with his kids, my cousins. Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend (I really hate being so far away from family during such situation). Guess I will have to pay my respects when I'm in Singapore in July! TTFN!

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