Wednesday, 4 March 2009

>>> Battle Of The Bulge! <<<

I'm fighting a losing battle with my bulge, tummy bulge that is! Since my 2nd pregnancy, I struggled to lose the excess fabbiness around my waist. Perhaps exercising would help greatly but I dislike doing any exercises, guess it's pure laziness. Anyway, last August got myself a nifty gadget that would help shift the fat! It did work as slowly my bulge became less noticeable! (I was even mistaken for being preggio while on holiday in Singapore last year! Arghhhh! To say I was insulted was an understatement. No idea why I only put on weight in that area.) So enough was enough! I had to do something.

The Galvanic Spa!
This is one heck of a gadget. Not only do I use it on my tummy but also on my face and it literally tightens my face and reduce any fine lines! But it certainly reduce the excess pregnancy fabbiness I had. Certainly worth every cent I paid! :) It also does hair too.

Now my aim is to get a perfectly flat tummy. I know it's not a difficult task to achieve but temptation to snack doesn't help either. I'm such a snacker! I've got titbits in my craft room literally everywhere! My weakness... chocolates! And I don't just eat one but can easily finish half a box of Mingles in one go! So now my aim is to strive to get a 24" waistline before summer! (I couldn't get this particular jeans I liked last summer as all that was left was for 24" waistline. I was so pissed! ) I know it can be done and I need to battle my urge to snack unhealthy stuff... will have to hunt around for more healthy version of snacks! TTFN!

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lisa said...

I'm interested to see how well this works. I've been excactly the same after baby no 2.
Good Luck.

lis x