Saturday, 7 March 2009

>>> Tough! <<<

The Egyptian project is a rite nitemare! We got past background info quite easily. Now we have to plan a trip to Egypt! Thankfully I had already swiped brochures from travel agents early on. Then the tedious process began of planning the trip. As an adult, not been to Egypt before, I find it rather overwhelming how to sort out an itinerary. Imagine an 8 yr old trying to do it!!! So the two of us are sitting on the table, flipping through the brochures and looking at where we want to visit. Not only that, we have to consider travel restrictions, and god knows what else. It is just mind blogging! In the end, went on the net and surf for info and found the perfect itinerary. I will have to sit down with Ollie and make adaptations to it! I think at the end of this project, I'll be very well-versed on Egypt!

Still no sign of my BPM kit! Sigh! What is holding it up but I'm told that a fair number of UK subscribers only received their Feb kit this week. So I guess the problem is with the Royal Mail... what's holding them up?

We're off to Poole to visit my SIL and her family, a last minute decision. This is our only free weekend and the next few weekends are dedicated to music workshop and concerts! I think we need a break from home sometimes. TTFN!

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