Friday, 6 March 2009

>>> Project! <<<

Not mine but my eldest son! He had an Egyptian project to complete by the 24th this month and at the rate he's going, there's no way he's gonna get anything done. So in step mom who has to do the research on the net, print it out, sit down with him and then begin the painful task of getting him to write it out in his own words! Extremely tedious as literacy isn't his strongest point but that project has gotta be done. Add the fact that his concentration span is rather short, you can only imagine how long this is gonna take. So far, I'm resisting the urge to write it out for him but it's his project and he needs to add input to it. Basically the projects focus on getting background info on Egypt, planning a holiday itinerary and what goes into it! Yup, a lot of stuff to be covered. Thankfully, we got through the background info quickly (thanx to the net!) And I've already got brochures from travel agents regarding Egypt so we are gonna be browsing through them this weekend to sort out our itinerary.

Postie has brought some great stuff this week. A few stamps (I'm a confessed stampoholic! Just can't resist them). But this came all the way from the States...

My first sub to Unity Stamps. This is Feb kit. Aren't they gorgeous! They can be used for both cardmaking and scrapbooking as well. Can't wait to play with them. March's kit is equally fun too!

However, Postie failed to bring my BackPorch Memories March kit. I'm still waiting and getting rather impatient. Funny how some items from the States arrive far quicker than others. I supposed the parcels do take a longer time than those in padded envelopes!

The days are simply flying! It's Friday and the weekend is here. There's only 4 weeks to the Easter break (and I'm looking forward to it!) This weekend we are free as the boys do not have any music workshop. But I think I'll be working with Oliver on his Egyptian project. I just wanna get it out of the way asap! TTFN!

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