Monday, 23 March 2009

>>> OMG! <<<

It's finally done! Ollie's Egyptian project is done and dusted! After weeks of tedious coaching and coaxing, we finally finished the project tonite. Although I'm not sure what's the objective behind it as there is absolutely NO way he would have been able to do it by himself. I attended an IEP meeting with his teachers today and was told that some kids aren't able to write out full paragraphs so if that is the case, how on earth will they be able to do the Egyptian project? That involves research into Egypt as it asked for background info, then planning a trip to Egypt including an itinerary and also other extra info such as preparing for the trip. Tell me that doesn't require loads of writing?!!! This is for Year 4 (8-9 yrs old) kids. Some kids have not even been out of the country let alone write out an itinerary! Oh well, Ollie's teacher will definitely know he had help but there was no way I'm gonna let him falter through this project! I'm all for them to do projects but make it more suitable to their level! And I'm certainly not the only parent helping him as a chat with other moms revealed their involvement as well. So I sure would like to know the purpose of this project, apart from forging a bond between mom and son!

Time to get creating... I need a stress reliever! TTFN!

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