Sunday, 8 March 2009

>>> Poole! <<<

So we left for Poole at 9am yesterday and got there at about 11ish. God knows what Ollie ate (toast with tuna!) but he felt sick halfway. Hubs had to pull into a service station and there our friend did a mega puke on the tarmac. Well, he felt much better after that! The weather was brillant! Sunshine throughout!

The boys were delighted to see their cousins. They don't see them often due to the distance. We were indoor most of the time 'til the afternoon where we brought them out to the park. By then, the weather changed and it turned cloudy.

This is as close Zac can get to a dog as I refused to have a pet.... guess who will end up looking after it and I'm afraid cleaning up poo doesn't appeal to me!

Zac luv the trampoline!

The next day, we decided to visit Durdle Door. Big mistake. It was terribly windy and we didn't stand too long outside the car.

I think I was more afraid of Zac being blown off! Hub's car was stuck, his back wheel was spinning and he couldn't get out of the car park. He had to have some help. We then decided to visit Lutworth Cove instead. Quaint little area but it started to rain halfway. Thankfully by then we had already visited the sea so made our way into the gift stores.

The boys enjoy throwing pebbles in the sea.

Moi! Luv my pinkie booties! So comfy!

Saw a signboard for the area.

This little machine was so cool. Slot in a penny (together with 50p), twist the wheel and it will flatter the penny and embossed an image onto it. We ended up doing it 3 times as the boys were so enthralled with it!

That's how it looks like! So cool!

Luv Poole, such a cool area and even cooler to live there! Miss the sea so much and it's great to be acquainted with it again. TTFN!

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