Thursday, 12 March 2009

>>> Natter Natter! <<<


Happy Birthday to my MIL! Spent the morning baking cupcakes for her and the afternoon rushing around (as usual, the mundane routine). Anyway, dropped in with the boys to celebrate her cakes with her.

In the evening, had a meeting with Oliver's potential piano teacher. He has expressed interest and I wanted to make sure he would be trained in the Suzuki method which he is currently doing with his violin. Now not all piano teachers are trained in this method so after a few enquiries, found this particular lady in Sutton Coldfield. Now come the chicken and egg scenario... lesson will go ahead when we have a piano at home for him to practise. Makes sense as he can't simply attend lessons and not practise! Had a hunt around the net and found 2 piano stores that we will be visiting this Sat!


It was World Book Day and Zac's school had a Peter Pan theme so the li'l one was dressed up as a pirate (that pirate outfit was certainly worth buying as it has been worn so many times). It was equally cute to see all the kids & teachers dressed up as characters in Peter Pan.


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Eve said...

Hi Audrey,

You have a very nice blog. Talented in card-making and scrapbooking! Also, you have cute sons! :) anyway, i enjoy reading and browsing your blog. Have a great week Audrey!

- evelyn (malaysia)