Friday, 13 March 2009

>>> Comic Relief! <<<

So both my sons' schools celebrated Comic Relief in a different way. The Infant School told the kids to come in something funny or in red. Majority chose to be funny and we saw them in their jammies, red wigs etc. The Junior School told them to wear something red. Both schools held fun activities to collect funds. All I can say the mood in school was jolly. Even the Infant teachers joined in and dressed up as kids! One of them resemebled Britney Spear in her video, Baby Hit Me One More Time.

On a slightly sour note, a particular doctor is suggesting that the govt tax chocolate .... why, 'cos it causes obesity! WHAT?!! Granted, it may be a contributing factor but certainly not the only factor. Do they seriously think that taxing chocolate will stop the people from being obese? Educating people about overeating and eating junk food might help! This country never cease to amaze me sometimes! The insane logic that make up the laws! TTFN!

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