Sunday, 22 March 2009

>>> Happy Mother's Day! <<<

Only in England! Not sure why but we kinda celebrate Mother's Day wayyy earlier than most countries! I've to remember to wish my mom her day when May comes.

Hubs was nice enough to let me have a lie-in while he brought the boys to see his mom. Then he woke me up later so that I could get changed to go out for lunch. Lunch was a dim sum meal at China Court restaurant in B'ham town centre. We were lucky we got in with plenty of table space for 20 mins later, it was full to the brim and there was a massive queue. That is one heck of a good restaurant as many Chinese go there to eat (and you know it's good when their own kind go there to eat!)

Prawn dumpling

Shark fin dumpling ... yum yum!

For my Mother's day gift, I got my Promarker pens from the boys! I decided to go for them instead of Copic as the latter is way too expensive. I went for the 3 Manga sets and will see how it goes from there. Have to say, those markers have taken my colouring to a new level! TTFN!

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