Sunday, 11 February 2007

>>> Snow's All Gone! <<<

So much for snow... it's all but gone. Here's the pathetic remains of what's left!
How I wish it could have lasted longer instead of merely 2 days. It would make winter more bearable and feel more like winter! Well, I think I must have taken over 200 photos of the snow, some too blur to be used but hey, it did capture the moments!

Popped into Toys 'R Us today to search for a racing car for Zac. He so wanted one so I guess he will be having more than one now. Heard MIL had also got him one too! Ollie has been invited to a birthday party this Sat but try as I could, couldn't find a suitable gift for his lady friend. Might get her some clothing instead of toys.

Ran out of toilet paper so went into Quicksave that is just down by the road but hey ho! no toilet paper at all! While at the retail park in Solihull, popped into Boots pharmacy and again, no sign of toilet papers... lots of nappies, wipes and other essentials but nothing for the butt! This has led me wondering if I really in urgent need of them, do I have to go to the 4 main supermarkets to buy them? Anyway, managed to get to Tesco within the last 10 mins before closing time to buy a dozen! Talk about stressing me out... I know it's trival but essenial stuff like these do get me in a state especially when on Sunday where most shops close early.

Off to make a Chinese New Year card for hubby's colleague! TTFN!

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