Friday, 9 February 2007

>>> More Snow! <<<

All Birmingham schools closed again so had the two boys with me. Had to restraint Ollie from going out to the snow the moment he woke up! He was dying to make more snowman! Zac had a lie-in and woke up in a happy mood. Most days, I've to wake him up for school and he's such a miserable, whinny creature when he's not ready to wake up.

We managed to somehow roll a big ball of snow... it wasn't easy and after a while, the three of us had to literally push it with all our might.

It took off a fair amount of snow off the grass and we had streaks of grass patch where we rolled the snowball through. Tired out, we went in for a break and snack. Gosh, the two boys did nothing but ate all day! Immediately after a meal, they would go searching for something else to eat. I felt like I was constantly feeding them all day long.

In the afternoon, more snow fell and it got heavier as the day wore on. In fact, it got so heavy that it literally covered any sign of grass patches that could be seen.

The boys were delighted and enjoyed themselves.
Pity I didn't get them a sledge to play. On my part, took tons of snow pictures. A very happy bunny here! TTFN!

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