Wednesday, 7 February 2007

>>> Nite Crop! <<<

Attended a Heathy Eating workshop today at Ollie's school. The one best thing I learnt was how to read the food labels and how much sugar was in different cereals! Ollie tried Shreddies and Rice Crispies and actually enjoyed them. Hence, think we will make a switch to them now. They used to have Frosties and Coco Pops but they contain far too much sugar!

We to a crop at Nikki's place tonite, together with Morag. There's nothing more than mixing with scrap-minded gals, all sharing the same passion! Managed to get more pages of my Keepsake's Journal done. We scrapped till about 12ish and then made our way home.

There's prediction of 5-6 inches of snow tomorrow. As I drove home, no sign of any falling! Will see tomorrow! TTFN!

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