Tuesday, 13 February 2007

>>> Happy Birthday Zac! <<<


Did some last minute shopping for Zac's birthday. Got him a few DVDs. Later that nite, had a crop with a couple of friends.

Arrived home after midnite and started to wrap up Zac's pressie but found myself out of wrapping paper! Typical! However, I had a wad of plain paper and I proceeded to decorate it using Making Memories dingbat foam stamps! Came out pretty nicely!


My darling boy Zac is 4 today.... gosh, can't believe that 4 years ago, he was a mere infant, helpless and terribly cute! Now, he's so independent and still terribly cute!

In the morning, he was given his pressies but only allowed to unwrap 2.
He didn't mind at all, in fact, Oliver was more impatient than he was! Decided to bring them to Wacky Warehouse and they were extremely excited.

Played a good hour and left me time to browse my scrapping mags! Immediately after, went to pick MIL up and then we had lunch at MacDo. The boys were delighted as they don't go to MacDo often, in fact, once in a blue moon. After lunch, we went to the Sealife Underwater World.
Oliver became excited when he found out there was a Lego competition to spot the new range of Bionicle that was scattered around. So we actually walked the place at least 4 times to search for these figurines! I was thoroughly knackered by the time we got home.

Hubby came home early with some Peking duck and pancakes for dinner. Had a lovely feast. Then came the big event... the birthday cake! The look on Zac's face was fantastic! He absolutely revel in it! And he absolutely enjoy the cake.
After that, we gave him the rest of the pressies to open!

Any chance of sending the boys early to bed was shattered when they wanted to watch a DVD! You would have thought after a day of outing, they would be knackered but nope, they still had tons of energy going. In fact, it was hard work getting them to bed as they were overly excited! Eventually they did!

Still can't believe my baby is now 4.... time surely flies! TTFN!

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