Thursday, 1 February 2007

>>> Such A Busy Day! <<<

I can now reveal my layouts that I've done for Little Silver Hat using their Feb ribbon kit. It consisted of lovely pink and brown ribbons and some cute bits. If I'm honest, found it a little tough due to so much pinkness but think I managed a few decents LOs:

Went to an Inspired workshop at Ollie's school. The workshop was to show us how to get the child to make up stories using settings and flashcards. It was interesting to work together with Ollie, colouring the materials and cutting them up and then making stories up together. Have to say I did enjoy it. It's good the school set up such workshops.

Later, attended parent's meeting at Zac's school. Thankfully, he's doing well in Nursery and enjoying himself.

Then at nite, watched Desperate Housewives... gosh what a tear jerky! That programme just keeps me in suspense all the time! TTFN!

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