Friday, 23 February 2007

>>> Great Day! <<<

I went shopping today! Popped into Au Natural and ended up with some alterable stuff as well as a woven basket to store all the scarves and gloves. Currently the boys just chuck them onto the sofa and very often they go missing! Gotta train them to put them into the box now. As for alterable stuff, got myself a clock and large pegs! Always wanted to alter a clock... will see how it goes!

Kids went over to MIL's house after school and Ollie asked to stay over. No problem with me... less 1 kid to look after. True enough, Zac slept early as he had no one to play with!

Hubby and I had a takeaway curry tonite... ordered my fav Balti Bangladesh King Prawn with nan bread and poppadium. Gosh, it was absolutely delicious! TTFN!

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