Sunday, 4 February 2007

>>> Another Boring Day! <<<

Hubby was out again this time driving SIL's car over to Leicester with MIL. She's currently in hopital for a hysterectomy as she has been having so much problems and that was the last resort. Thankfully she's ok and recovering quite well so MIL has gone over to help her out with her boys. Later that afternoon, I drove over to pick hubby up. As usual, instead of heading towards M6 south, ended up in M6 north! I definitely need a satnav!!!! Managed to get there somehow an hour + later! The boys were fast asleep the moment I was on the motorway!

That nite watched Grey's Anatomy, the season's finale. I missed it last Thursday. God, cried buckets I did... such a softie but it was just so heart-renching! Now wondering who Meridith will choose..... hope the next season doesn't take too long to come over! TTFN!

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Toni-Ann said...

you're not alone Audrey, I wept buckets like a pathetic girl watching Grey's too. :)