Thursday, 8 February 2007

>>> School Closure! <<<

All Birmingham City Council schools were closed today due to this:

Woke up this morning to inches deep of snow. Ollie was so excited and wanted to rush out to play but had to make sure he had his brekkie first and then warmly clothed! Zac had a good lie-in and woke up in a relatively good mood.

Ollie wasted no time in enjoying himself. Zac was a little reserved and utterly disliked being hit by snowballs. He whined a bit and then went into inside and got something to eat instead. Meanwhile I had a field time taking tons of photos and even helped Ollie build a snowman.

Had to go out briefly to the PO to collect 2 parcels and then to get some groceries as we had run out of bread! Drove as slowly as I could and as soon as my errands were run, got home quickly. The boys wanted to go out and play again so we did.

This time had a bit of snowball fights but Zac soon left the scene. He's pretty particular about getting wet. What a fusspot!

It continued to snow all day. It's predicted that the schools will close tomorrow... will have to listen out for the news on radio tomorrow! TTFN!

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