Saturday, 10 February 2007

>>> Shopping! <<<

For the first half of the morning, the boys were out playing with whatever remains of the snow that were left in the garden.
Both the neighbours' gardens still had tons of snow left on the ground, apart from mine! Later found hubby rolling a big ball of snow around the garden...
not that he built any snowman... well, at least he know how hard it was to roll a big ball of snow around the garden!

In the afternoon, we went to Birmingham town centre. I popped into the Chinese quarters to order a birthday cake for Zac, who turns 4 this Tuesday. Decided on a Chinese cake as opposed to those cartoon characters cakes that are found in the usual supermarket. Somehow, they taste just plain awful! We got a Spiderman cake for Ollie last year and failed to finish the cake and ended up throwing it away. Never happens with the Chinese one... that gets eaten up completely!

Went to the Entertainer to look for a toy for Zac. He wanted a racing car but there wasn't any remote control car at the moment. In the end, he chose a latest Bionicle set that just came out recently. Ollie insisted on having one too. Anyway, I refused to let them open the toys when we got in. They can play with them on Tuesday!

While in town, checked into the O2 store as it's time to upgrade my phone. Had no idea which to choose and was shown 2 latest models by Motorola and LG. Both had MP3 player, camera and whatever latest gadget in there. Couldn't make up my mind so decided to come back another day. Frankly, I hardly use my phone for anything else apart it being a phone! Hence, all those gadgets will probably be wasted on me!

Spent the nite watching TV.... America's Top Models, CSI NY etc. Mojo's lost at the moment or just simply knackered or had an overdose of scrapping! Bad timing as I've got deadlines to meet! Sigh! TTFN!

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