Sunday, 28 May 2006

World of Chocolate!

Had guests over last nite. Dominique, Mike's colleague and also a Malaysian friend is leaving for greener pastures in Denmark (where her boyfriend lives!) She was working in hubby's engineering firm but decided she had enough as they weren't utilising her knowledge and instead was making her do admin stuff! Anyway, the fault lies more in her so-called mentor who a NATO (No Action, Talk Only!) He is technically unsound but has the gift of the gap. She just had enough and will now be working for a well-known engineering firm in Denmark which will see her doing a lot of travelling! Lucky her!

It's Sunday morning and the boys woke up mega early at 7am!!! Somehow they seem to know it's the weekend and are up early just to torment us! Most of the time I've to drag them out of bed during school days!

We decided to bring them to Cadbury World. The weather was fine but windy and certainly not ideal for cycling in the park. We got there early at 9.45am and had a good 2 hrs wandering around the chocolate factory, gathering free chocolates and buying even more! There were some interactive areas as well as opportunities to play with chocolate and the kids enjoyed the visit!

As we were driving back home, decided to stop at the chinese supermarket in the Birmingham town centre. However, most of the small lanes leading to the town centre were blocked. Being nosy, decided to ask a policeman what was going on. In a very serious voice, he say 'Gay Parade'. I just had to laugh!!! Well, I shouldn't but I couldn't help it. Mmmm wondered what the Parade was like......

On the creative front, finished 3 rounds of Scraplift challenge. It has been fun and it was lovely to see how people interpreted scraplifts! In one of the rounds, the original bore no resemblance to the last LO created!!! Here's 2 of the LOs created, made use of my yummy new papers from Cactus Pink Candi and K&Co K-Ology papers!

Oh dear, bought 2 scrapbooking books from Memory Makers, Simply Graphic and What about the Words? Fortunately was able to have a peek into those books and they were so interesting! Got them off Amazon with free postage and packaging too! Can't wait to have a good browse through!

Oh, had an email off Cherry Arte saying they have accepted my LO for their gallery using the Angel papers! Cool! That brings the total to 2 now as I had one accepted by A2Z Essentials for one of my LOs using their papers! Just as good as being published!!! :)

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