Thursday, 25 May 2006

So Much To Do And No Time To Do It!

Sigh! Since becoming a SAHM, I realised that time flies ever so quickly! It's almost the weekend again, not to mention half term for the kiddos! They have one week off so I've to rack my brains on entertainment! Quite a number of families are going off for holiday but seeing that we went in April and will be going again in July, can't really take off this time!!! Thankfully, will bring them out for activities. Let's hope the weather isn't too bad! Definitely will bring them out to the cinema to watch a couple of cartoon movies, get the Chicken Little DVD, might bring them out to Cadbury World too and probably to the park. Can't contain my excitement that in another 7 weeks time, we'll be flying off to the Far East!!! Food and sunshine.... bliss! Can't wait to bring the kids out for a swim in an outdoor swimming pool... it's shucks here as all the public pools are indoor and I really hate swimming indoors! Not to mention spending an entire week fishing in Indonesia, totally going back to basics without any mod cons!!! Just pure unadulterated fishing and eating fresh fish for every meal.... what more can you ask for! The boys will love it to bits!

Gosh, got tons of DT assignments to do! Best get on it instead of waffling here!!!

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