Friday, 12 May 2006

What a Day!

Where has time gone? Can't believe it's already Friday! I find it ironic that when you are not working, time seems to fly so quickly but if you are at work, time literally crawls! Anyway, it was a bright sunny day today and after going to Moms & Toddlers, decided pop into Birmingham town centre. Headed straight for WH Smith to see if I could spend my birthday voucher on some scrapping products but alas! the selection was absolutely awful! Hence decided to save it for another day. Walked around and ended up buying a new pair of shoes... the first this year! I'm a shoe and handbag person, not really into clothes but luv shoes and handbags! I was drawn to it as it has stitches design (mmm an inspiration for a LO?) with beads and sequins... very unusual and very feminine!

Zac was with me as he has no preschool today due to a funeral! Decided against a pushchair and he was fine except he got bored at times when I was browsing around. Anyway, went past the famous BULL in the Bullring and of course he had to climb on it! We went to Borders and somehow he got lost! He was behind me when I went to the magazine section and then when I realised he didn't come around, went to look for him and he was gone! God, imagine trying to find a lost child in that place... Had a quick look in Borders but didn't see him and was about to go out when someone called me. Poor soul was crying his eyes out and was a little hysterical but I calmed him down. Anyway, he was back to his normal self in no time and later even chat up a girl who was having a fag outside the store while I was browsing a book (with my eye on him this time!)
Did a bit of organisation today... sorted out my fabric strips into the ribbon cardboard notches that I bought off a forum, and my fibres too. Stayed off the PC until late afternoon when my son wanted to play CBeebies online. I think I spend far too much time online and as a result, don't get much done in a day! Well, I gotta declutter the house before July so had better get my butt moving!
On the creative side, went on a creative mode and did 2 LOs yesterday using my Urban Lily Urban Boy papers. They are so like Cherry Arte papers, so easy to play with!

Gone in a Flash- this LO was inspired by the Freestyle book especially the stripes running across the page.

Soccer Fun - wanted to do this LO to depict my son's first attempt at sports. Enrolled him for soccer, more as a fun activity not to be taken seriously, and he has a good workout every Tuesday afternoon!

Ohhh, Bonanza is this weekend. Bonanza is a scrapping retreat with classes and crop room for scrapmad devotees. I went last year and came back with a splitting headache so decided against it this time. And to think I only live about 10 mins away from the NEC (where it is held!) Checked the classes this year and wasn't lulled by any of them. Anyway, shan't be tempted by more scrapping goodies as I'm trying to reduce the obscene amount of stash I have at the moment and certainly don't need any new ones!

I guess it's back to sorting my fibres now.......

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KimmyS said...

I so love those pages! You have such an awamzing talent to make UL and CA papers shine!