Thursday, 11 May 2006

Another Challenge!

Doing another scraplifting challenge, this time with my team at UKScrappers. Decided to do a group activity. Well, as moi was first on the list, spent the solitary afternoon creating a LO (again can't be shown just yet). Have to say it was enjoyable and great relief to be able to scrap without interruption!
Gosh, the half term will be upon us at the end of the month. Seems to me the kids are out of school more than they are in! Anyway, just can't wait for July to come! Missing home so badly and can't wait to get away from cooking.... beginning to dislike it so much and it would be good to be able to tuck into my fav dishes intead of cracking my brains as to what to cook each day!!! Just miss the lifestyle, the weather and the food so badly!!!!
Right, need to get my grey cells working as I've been given an assignment at Homegrown for the newsletter! One of my goals is to be organised, to get ahead of schedule instead of behind it. Best get cracking!!!

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