Friday, 19 May 2006

Much ado about Nothing!

What do you know it's Friday again! Where has time flown?

On the mundane side, Oliver is beginning to lose his concentration in school and starting to play up again... perhaps he needs another dose of osteopatic treatment again to relieve his internal chi! I feel bad that I'm partly to be blame, if only I had opted for c-section, he wouldn't have been stuck in me for so long and be distressed! Blame the darn midwives who constantly kept assuring me that I would deliver naturally until it took a very senior midwife who decided he wasn't coming out naturally and consulted the surgeon. As a result, he was delivered by Keilland forcep delivery (only performed by surgeons but very seldom used these days). I never attributed his hyperactive behaviour to the trauma he suffered at birth until my aunt who witnessed him asked me about his birth. She's into natural healing and healty food and recommended seeing an osteopath doctor. Well, she examined him (basically put her hands on his body to feel the fluid within him) and said his fluid wasn't flowing properly and this resulted in his hyperactive behaviour as it was his way of relieving the pressure within him. Have to say her hands did wonders as he was much calmer after that! Since then I've taken him for monthly sessions which has helped considerably. I stopped going when I was told he was ok. Then darn hubby brought him for the MMR jabs which again resulted in his hyperactivity... you could see his actions... he just couldn't even sit still to watch TV! So off he went for treatment again where the doc confirmed that my suspicions and sorted him out. Anyway, his teacher complained about him having short spells of concentration again, so need to get his internals sorted once again. Also read about a kinda vitamin called Eye-Q that helps improved concentration so might try and get some for him. The joys of having kids! No problem with the 2nd boy as he was plucked off from the womb so didn't suffered any trauma. You can see a big difference between the two at the same age!!!
As for creating, completed my rounds on the scraplift challenge so I can now reveal the LOs:

Well, have just signed up for more challenges so can't wait to create more LOs!


KimmyS said...

Audrey, I so love what you do, You are awesome chica!

Toni-Ann said...

I know this is a late comment but just catching up!
re fish oils - a lot of pple swear by them improving their childrens behaviour, I'm not so sure but if it works for pple then there is no reason not to go for it.
Sometimes I think when kids reach a development milestone or towards the end of a school term they go a bit wild - kind of growing into themselves - Sam is like that - we had a dreadful time in Year 1 with him but he's the best kid ever now....but maybe that's the teacher? she is awesome