Wednesday, 17 May 2006


That's me! Bought a pair of lovely sandals with intricate stitches and beads and wore it for 2 days and found it extremely uncomfortable! What a pity as the sandal was so lovely but it's a no go for me if I don't find it comfortable at all.... my feet went cramped up after walking in them... somehow, it's very tight (I've very broad pair of feet!). So today, went back to the store to exchange them. Spent half an hour trying to decide between 2 pairs, where one was very plain but super duper comfortable and the other, was asthetically lovely but not as comfy as the other one. Went for the latter as I didn't want to end up owning so many similar pairs of sandals. Let's hope it walks better than the last one!
Spent the afternoon listing my items on Ebay. About time I reckon as I've got 2 boxes sitting on the floor in my craft area and I've vowed to get rid of my unwanted, unused craft items before buying any further new stash! Once I got started, it was easy. The difficulty was finding a balance in adding the postage as I didn't want to go over the top... which I know some ebay sellers do... ridiculous amounts they charge sometimes! Will be listing more tomorrow!
On the creative side, made a card for my nephew as it is his birthday today.... yeah, as usual, late in sending it! Anyway, gonna give him some cash... what do you get for a 15 yr old these days...

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