Monday, 22 May 2006

New Car!

At least for just 5 days until mine is repaired! Have to say that I'm suitably impressed with the Renault customer service. Everything seems to be taken care of so easily and I didn't have to repeat myself as all that I reported was already recorded and dealt with efficiency! When I sent my car in today for repairs, my courtesy car was already waiting for me in the carpark! Wow! But I've to say, the company sure know how to take care of their customers!!!

I remember when I wanted to buy my first car, I had my eye on VW Polo but after test driving it, wasn't impressed. Then hubby brought me to try Peugeot and finally Renault. I fell in love with the Renault car that I drove after discovering the amount of gadgets in there... (I'm a gadget freak!) For the price I was prepared to pay, I had electric windows, a radio gadget at the side of the driving wheel, free insurance, CD player (at that time in 2001, most cars were offering free cassette/radio). The Polo didn't even had electric windows! Obviously went for the the car that gave me the best deal. I'm not bothered about what car I drive as the purpose of a car to me is to be able to drive me from point A to B without hassle and that means not a petrol gazzling one too! Just luv my car as it's so economical... once managed to survive a full month on a full tank (oh well, I used it these days to ferry my kiddies around!)

Now to get used to the new car and the gear...

On the scrapping side, finally completed my last round of Scraplift and it was actually a lift of my LO which I'm flattered! Here's my interpretation:

Picture of my darling boys in their Chinese New Year outfits! They were so reluctant to wear it but as it was a tradition, they had to even if it was just a few minutes to pose for pictures!

My next scrapping LO is to do my goals that I'm signed up for at Scrapitude due in the 25th May. Got an idea what I'm gonna do now!

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KimmyS said...

I love love love LOVE the LO and your boys are such cuties!!!!