Wednesday, 3 May 2006


Was woken up by the doorbell at 10 to six this morning by the postie! Why on earth he has to come so early is beyond comprehension but he brought me new stash! Woo Hoo! Firstly, the new Splendor range from Rhonna Farrer from PaperArts (knew I would succumb eventually). Then the new Cathy Zielske book from Artbase. It's annoying when you can't get everything from the same store and have to shop at different stores for supplies... adds to the cost of postage! Anyway, expecting a couple more in the next few days namely Urban Lily Collection 3 , Boys and Gypsy ranges as well as the Freestyle book! Oh and a couple more stamps from Sassafralass latest stamp collection... yeah, I'm a stamp addict.
Due to a funeral at my son's pre-school, his class was cancelled this afternoon which is so annoying... there is only so much you can do to occupy a highly charged energetic little boy and I was exhausted by the time I had to do the school run to pick my eldest! I usually used the precious 2 1/2 hrs that I have for myself to create LOs. Needless to say, I did keep him entertain for an hour and then managed to do a bit of creative art albeit a simple one! Will upload later as I need to include a bit of journalling.
Managed to print off some photos of recent events. I still need to do my France vacation album which I think I will do it simple. Might try and get some advice from Cathy Z book and create a super duper clean & simple album.
Tia Bennett is the guest designer at Homegrown Scrapbooks this month and she has set a challenge to use finger painting on a LO. This has given me an idea to incorporate Ollie & Zac's hands as well as mine.... be interesting to see how the LO turns out. Will do so tomorrow as Ollie's off school due to his school being used as a polling station!
Right, Desperate Housewives is on and so is CSI! Have to luv those American programmes....

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