Monday, 1 May 2006

Happy Birthday

To me that it! Gosh, I'm halfway past my prime! But do I feel my age...NO! Do I look my age...NO! Enough said!

Well, the day started with a good lie-in for me! Since having kids, these days, lie-ins are a thing of a past. Kids just don't understand it and once they open their eyes, they jump out of bed immediately! It's even worst when during the weekends or holidays... somehow they just seem to know they have no school and get up even earlier! While some moms think that b'cos there's no school, they don't need to get up early, I beg to differ as my rascals wake up even earlier than normal school days e.g 7am!!! Funnily how I've to drag them out of bed on days when they have to go to school!

As for birthday gifts, got cards from my hubby and kids, my fav chocos (Mingles), flowers (a rarity with hubby!) and some cash! Ideally would luv to have a new laptop but since he has just paid our air tix to Singapore, didn't feel like I should demand more.... then again, what I want I usually get in the end so with perfect timing, might be able to needle him out of a laptop when we are in Singapore as it's one of THE best place to get electronic products!!! Just have to fine-tune my persuasion skill!

Didn't really do much today as hubby suddenly got into this head that he wanted to have decking in the garden and since B&Q (DIY store) was having a sale (how coincidentally!), he just had to get it. So he spend the whole day sawing and getting the groundwork ready for decking. Pity the weather didn't help him much as it was alternating between raining and being sunny at times. Typical of hubby.... he CANNOT sit still and do nothing. Constantly have to find something to do in the house... it's like he's there but not really would have been nice if he took some time to play with the boys as I do get really knackered trying to keep them entertained the whole day! Then again, both DH and I have this ping pong game with the boys...oh well, that's another story......

Oh there's a tradition in our family regarding birthdays... we always get a cake, not just any cake but a Chinese birthday cake from a Chinese bakery in Chinatown. What I like about the cake is the lightness... a sponge cake that is deliciously covered with fresh fruits and cream. It doesn't give you the heavy feeling after eating it (not like the ones that are sold in the supermarkets). And it's taste absolutely lovely. Here's a picture of my cake:
Yeah, a birthday isn't complete without a cake!

Hubby did arrange for the boys to be at his mom's while he took me out for dinner. I decided on Japanese and we had Teppanyaki at a Jap restaurant in the Mailbox! It's where the food is literally cooked in front of you and both of us chose the seafood option! We both went for the set menu. It was literally an 8 course meal: Salad, spring roll & teriyaki chicken, miso soup as appetiser. Then the main course consisted of fried rice, seafood platter of scallop, king prawn, salmon, and chicken. Followed by dessert of ice-cream! I was almost bursting at the seams when I finished! Hubby tried the Japanese beer, Ashahi which happened to be very strong. I took my usual sparkling water. I'm not a drinker and don't really like the taste of alcohol at all and will only drink on very special occasion (probably about twice a year!) Hence, I had to drive home but then again, I'm very used to that!

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