Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Back to reality

Now that Bank Holiday is over, it's back to reality again... but not quite! As it's polling day on Thursday, my eldest doesn't have any school as his school is being used as a polling station. Now the youngest doesn't have preschool on Wednesday b'cos there is a funeral going on! Seems like they spend more time out of school than in it!
It has to be real dedication on my part, chauffering my sons to their activities. Oliver is currently having soccer training every Tuesday afternoon from 1630-1730. Today was no exception except the weather was terribly foul... drizzling coupled with cold wind. Anyway, brought him there but that's where dedication ended! Hurried back to the car and waited... no way was I gonna stand and watch him play soccer in the chilly wind... even Zac was whining to go back to the car!
On the creative side, haven't done anything so far! I think age is catching up on me as I had a couple of late nites (like 3amish) and somehow this has affected me real bad! I'm totally knackered by nitefall. Not to mention that I try to catch CSI on TV so scrapping at nite doesn't exist anymore! Need to start scrapping as I'm getting rather crappy not producing any new LO and having all the scrummy, lovely papers in sight!
Now that we are into May, I'm on a mission to declutter the house. There's far too much rubbish around and this isn't good feng shui. Yes, I do follow it a little, but most of it is actual common sense! Hence, declutter is top on my list especially my craft area! It's more a case of out with the old and in with the new!!!

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