Tuesday, 16 May 2006


Had a slight car accident yesterday! Banged into the rear of a car. We were both on the side road waiting to go into the main road. I saw her pulling out and so I turned to look to see if I could go. When it was clear, I accelerated and then heard a massive bang... flippin cow had not gone and was still hanging about! Anyway manoeveured to the side and exchanged details. Her left rear was badly dented while my front bumper sustained a crack near the license plate. Didn't help that it was drizzling as well! Shook me up the whole day.... there goes my no claims bonus not to mention an increase in premiums come October!

Anyway, went to the Renault assessment centre in Wednesbury for them to take a look. Sustained about £400-500 worth of damages... have to change the entire front bumper, license plate too. I've to pay £100 and the rest will be taken care by the insurance. What a bummer!!!

On the creativity side, took part in 3 '48hr scraplift challenge' at Scrapitude (hang out there pretty frequently these days). Basically there's 4 to a team and the first person scraplift a LO she find in the gallery and her scraplifted LO is passed to the next person to scraplift and so on till the last person. Then the entire LOs are revealed to see how each has progressed from the original one. Fun activity and very easy to scrap! Here's one of them that I did!

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