Saturday, 31 March 2007

>>> Out & About! <<<

Ollie had Mandarin class today so after sending him, we headed toward Fort Shopping Centre to check out the First Choice Holiday Hypermarket. Need to book our tickets to Singapore... unfortunately, the flights offered to us were undesirable... Air Lanka, Qatar, Gulf Air... no Emirates or SIA!!! Sorry, as desperate as I'm to go home, I'm not about to take unnecessary risk with my life or that of my kids! Eeeks! Already I stay clear from KLM (horrible plane and food) and Lufthansia (no TV on the back seat). Somehow, gonna try to get on Emirates... great plane, good entertainment value and fantastic food too! Plus we get to stop at Dubai where I can get my dates (as in food)...oohhh, they have the most fantastic dates over there! Looks like I've to check online!

Later in the evening, hubby booked us a trip to Legoland for the April halfterm. We are gonna stay in a hotel nearby. A good break cos if the weather is foul, we can always make use of the hotel facilities. And yah! no cooking for 2 days! :) TTFN!

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