Monday, 26 March 2007

>>> Another Disaster At School Run! <<<

Talk about mega frustration! Again during school run... boys in the car, tried to start the car but nothing happened! Battery was completely dead! And that was 10 to 9am, which meant we were gonna be very late for school. Had no choice but to walk and it took us 30 mins to get to school, partly due to Zac's moaning and whining his head off. It then strike me that I should have taken the pram. It took another 40 mins to walk back home, again due to Zac's meandering walk. Called the AA when I got back only to find that it has expired and I would have to pay £175 for renewal. Got back to hubby and he said he would come back for lunch to help.

True to his word, he did but his attempts to jumpstart failed miserably. So he had to call the AA under his account. The man came and couldn't get the battery to start so in the end, he changed a new one! He even found that my car keys needed to be reprogrammed as well. After he left, called Renault to book a car service and to sort my car keys out. It's being done this Wednesday so hopefully they can finish in time for me to do the school run.

Man, why do I always encounter such diasaters during school runs.... gonna get pretty paranoid soon if it happens often! TTFN!

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