Tuesday, 20 March 2007

>>> Letter Of Importance! <<<

Breakfast time:

Mom: Zac, eat your crust!
Zac: But Mandy said you will get curly hair if you eat the crust!
Mom: (speechless again!)

FYI, Mandy is his lunchtime supervisor at nursery. Never heard of such nonsense but was informed by hubby it's an old wives tale! Seriously if eating crust will result in curly hair, I would gladly eat it ... spent tons in my younger days getting my hair permed so that it would be curly! Unfortunately, my hair is poker straight!!! And looking at Zac, his is as well! Sorry mate, there's no way you're gonna get curly hair! But try convincing a 4 year old with a mind of his own..... sigh! He even manages to leave crust on those non-crust bread as well!

Received a letter from Birmingham City Council informing us that Zac got into the same Infant school as Ollie! Phew! That's one worry down. Informed him but he was whining and saying I don't want to go... as usual, being typically difficult!

Finished up a layout that I started out last nite... slowly getting my mojo back but it's hard work.....

Played with Basic Grey Scarlet Letter paper and a few stamps! Got the entire collection but now thinking I should have just gotten a few.... Ohhh, luvvvv 7 Gypsy gaffer tape! Gonna add more to my collection I think!


1 comment:

Em said...

Loving that LO Audrey - the boys look so happy in that photo.

As for the crusts - well, my dad always used to say "eat them up, they'll put hairs on your chest" needless to say, that is why, even at my age, I still refuse to eat them lol!