Friday, 2 March 2007

>>> What a Dramatic Morning! <<<

What a Nitemare morning I had. Just as I was about to start off for school run, I realised my car keys along with my house keys were missing. A frantic search yield no sight of the keys. Found out that the little mite had been playing with it yesterday and could he remember where he placed it? Nada! So in the end, I had to call MIL who has our spare keys to come over and unlock the door. Weird eh, I do have spare car keys but no spare house keys. Had a good rant at hubby too for not having a spare house keys as there is no way I could have left the house. Yeah I could have left via the garage but it locks from inside and I wouldn't be able to get in. What a dramatic morning. Needless to say the boys were late for school!

Had a good clear out of the craft room... well, more a case of shifting stuff from there to the loft. Managed to get some storage drawers out from there to the craft room so that I can use it for my ribbons, blossoms and buttons. They have rapidly increased beyond belief. Seriously I don't need anymore of them but doubt if that will stop me from collecting more! The room is much neater now so hopefully I can churn out a LO tonite.

We're off to Poole in the weekend to visit SIL. MIL is coming with us as she hardly gets a chance to visit her nieces and nephew. Gonna be a tight squeeze in the car as hubby's car is hopeless where space is concerned in the back! Sigh! About time he changed his car... it's way overdue!

Will update when I get back on Sunday! TTFN!

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