Thursday, 1 March 2007

>>> More LOs! <<<

Now that my projects for Little Silver Hat is out, I can reveal. Made use of American Craft ribbons.

Spent the day running errands and a bit of shopping. Went into Dunelm Mills to exchange a sofa throw that was defective and had a good walk around as I couldn't last Sat due to the fact that I was chasing after Zac constantly! Shopping with kids is a nitemare! So I had a good leisurely stroll and picked up more laces. Ohhhh, I'm into laces big time and bought more blossoms especially orchids (like I need more!) Also found a box of trimmings and braids for £5. A bargain as they had 5 reels of about 374 cm worth of them. Blame it on Morag... she bought the blue ones and we went half. I got the cream ones and we halved them. Good to have a friend who does share the same interest and can easily share purchases too.

Got home and decided to organise my blossoms into colours. Boy did I get a shock! Didn't realise I possess a fair amount of blues and wine-coloured blossoms! And all the time I'm thinking I don't have any blue blossoms! What an eye opener! Gotta stop buying blossoms now... I've got an enormous bagful of them that will last a lifetime! SERIOUSLY!

Postie bought the Purple Onion stamps that Morag and I bought at Self-Addressed kit. They were going for half price and a real bargain. I bought about 3 sets, an alpha, a postage one and some sentiment words (mainly for cards). Made my day it did!

Think I need to sort my craft room again. It's getting into a mess. I just can't work in such a messy room... no inspiration! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow! The boys' toys will have to go back to their room and I will be able to utilise the space for my craft items more effectively. At the moment, they are all on the floor! TTFN!


KimmyS said...

Gosh Audrey - those layouts are wonderful!

Em said...

Audrey, I'm loving the stuff you've done for Lianne - the one of Oliver is my favourite, fab stuff, well done you!