Tuesday, 13 March 2007

>>> What A Busy Day! <<<

Completed my Freestyle CJ. I'm hosting one at the Scrapitude forum and the theme is Freestyle so the gals can choose what they want. I'm not gonna reveal what's mine exactly but it's gonna be slightly unusual. Here's some sneaky peeks of the finished work:

There was an inspired workshop at Zac's nursery. Basically, parents/caretaker is supposed to spend time with the kid and take part in the activities. Zac enjoys having me around as he knows he gets special stuff to do. Well, it was no exception today. The theme is Goldilocks and the 3 bears and Zac got to make some porridge and he ate it with jam and raisin. He actually liked it! Oh well, at least now we know what to buy for him for brekkie! We were given a list of activities to try and I tried to ensure we covered most... so we made a bear face, played with water & sand, tried the interactive video etc. It was quite fun! Here's some photos that I managed to take:

Having his porridge with jam and raisin. He actually enjoyed jam in it!!!

Making a story book.

His bear face.

Later at nite, did some online shopping at Addicted to Rubber Stamps. They were having a sale whereby if the product had more than 5 reviews, then there were 20% off. Hence, went wild and ordered some lovely stamps from well known brands such as Stampington, Stamper's Anonymous etc. As if I didn't have enough stamps! TTFN!

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