Thursday, 15 March 2007

>>> Asian Dare #4! <<<

The Asian Dare #4 is up! The theme is on Food and here's my take on the theme. Decided on fruits from Asia!

With a mojo that has deserted me, this was the best I could come up with... had a hard time doing it as I was so uninspired!!! Well, at least I did get to use my Fontwerks stamps.

Went for a crop at nite at Morag's. Managed an incomplete LO (incomplete as I didn't have any chipboards on me that I wanted to use!) and finished a card for a nephew.

Checked out the Look stamp! I lost that stamp on the day I had it while trying to sort it out in a binder and tried as I could, I just couldn't fin d it anywhere! Anyway, while doing my Asian Dare LO, I decided to play with my alcohol ink and lo and behold! the stamp was stuck to my bag of felt that I used for my alcohol inks! Phew! So pleased that I've found it at last.

I think the card is a wee bit 'mature' for my nephew but heck! Who keeps birthday cards anyway! Beside, there's no way you can find such a card in the shops!


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