Tuesday, 6 March 2007

>>> Trimmings Galore! <<<

After the school run, waited for Morag, another scrapbook enthusiast, and we both headed for Birmingham town centre. First stop, the fabric centre to nose about. Tons of lovely fabric... pity I don't sew!

Next stop, the Rag market. Ohhhhh, we stopped by a stall that sold lovely trimmings. Gosh, what an absolute find. Both of us went mad and bought between us, about £10 worth of them. Look at those goodies...

We even stopped at the ribbon stall and picked up a few jumbo ric racs! After that, we had tim sum at China Palace. Mmmm, such fantastic meal.

Later at nite, couldn't help creating a LO using some of the trimmings that I've bought.


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