Saturday, 17 March 2007

>>> Some Mundane Bits! <<<


It was Red Nose Day today and both boys had something to do with the theme. Zac was to come in something red while Oliver had to wear something big. So this was what I did with them:

Ollie wore his dad's tie while Zac was dressed in a red Chinese suit. I put on red socks to keep his little legs warm. Gosh, they do look cute!


It was a brillant day! We had some shopping to do so we headed off to John Lewis in Solihull where we got the boys new pairs of shoes, new Bionicle toys (only because it came with free water bottles) and a wedding gift for hubby's colleague. Then we had to send Ollie off to Mandarin class. Headed to Wing Yip to get some Chinese grocery as we had literally ran out of cooking sauces. Kinda fancied prawns for dinner tomorrow so we got a box of prawns. Hubby managed to buy a fish too. In between, chucked in some Chinese titbits as well.... boy do I miss them as I grew up eating such stuff. Unfortunately, they don't come cheap! Anyway, that bit of shopping cost us over £50... why do Chinese foodstuff cost so much in this country??? Feel like I'm being victimised for eating Chinese cuisine in this country especially when I compare the prices back in Singapore!!! Sigh!

Later in the afternoon, the boys played with their Bionicle toys. They have effectively collected the entire set in this series which consists of sea creatures. Oh well, that's what you get for having boys.... Lego, cars, trains etc are what they are interested in!

Any attempts of doing anything creative few out of the window... just had no inclination whatsoever!

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Em said...

Audrey the photo of your boys is just so cute - they really suit red don't they?

I am loving the page you did for your Asian Dare...your LO's always have so many little elements to look at, I like to look 2 or 3 times cos I always spot something different.

Well done you!