Sunday, 4 March 2007

>>> Weekend In Poole! <<<


Had an early start for Poole about 9ish. Picked MIL up at her place together with Zac where he had spent the night. Journey was uneventful. Had to stop twice as the boys were whining and Ollie even threw up. Thank goodness for a toy box that was lying around otherwise hubby's car would have smelt heavily of puke!!!!

Eventually reached SIL's house! What a relief! Weather was ok... it was sunny when we were driving down then it rained as we were approaching Poole but then it became sunny again when we finally halted.

SIL's place was a right mess. They are currently extending the back and thankfully got the basic structure put into place. Lucky for them, they have managed to redefine the rooms too so at least there were proper kitchen and living room. However, there was no heating. Thankfully there were loads of electric ones around.

The boys were excited to see their cousins. Soon they were out playing on trampoline in the garden. Typical! SIL had two other older kids, both in their teens so they were out at that time.

The kids enjoying themselves on the trampoline.

Here's Zac having a time of his life!

The two boys having a tussle!

In the evening, we had dinner at Nandos. Can't say I enjoyed it.. couldn't even finish my 5 pieces of chicken wings! The boys didn't like much theirs either. Funny how when I make my wings, they are literally fighting over them and every single piece is wiped clean!


Went over to Swanage to see hubby's uncle who's turning 60 in a day's time. Brought him some pressies and cards. We went by the long route and came back via the ferry (the shorter route). We wanted to experience the sea. Pity the ferry was such a short journey.

As you can see, such a dreary day and the sea was pretty rough.

Ollie on the deck of the ferry.

The boys were so keen to play on the beach but it was just pouring down with rain the entire day. Such a bummer to travel all the way down and not get a chance to hang out on the beach!

Left Poole at 6ish. Thankfully boys were asleep on the way back. Finally got home at 9ish. It was still pouring down with rain!

Did I enjoy the trip... nah! All we did was hang out at SIL's house. What a waste of time... if I had wanted to stay in, I should have stayed at home. I think it would be a while before I head down there!!! TTFN!

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