Monday, 2 April 2007

>>> Crash! Boom! Bang! <<<

We popped into Costco to browse around. found a scrapbook trolley with 5 12x12 drawers & 3 squarish drawers for under £20! What a bargain! Not surprising, grabbed it quickly.
Hubby even bought a bottle of Chival Regal whisky as a raffle draw for his men's club. Found our hard to obtain Oreos biscuits too ('heart' them). Also got a boxful of still water for just under £4. It would cost us at least £1.50 per bottle outside! We certainly do need it for our trip to Legoland I refused to allow hubby to get juices.... too much sugar and the boys certainly don't need it! Halfway thru the aisles, the boys were playing a game with the stuff in the trolley and somehow Zac picked up the bottle of whisky and in front of our very eyes, it flew out of his hands and landed on the floor with a crash! Yah, spilled whisky coupled with broken glasses everywhere! Hubby and I were horrified! We just couldn't believe our eyes at what the little rascal did and it took me tons of self-control not to smack him there and then! Fortunately we weren't charged but we couldn't get out there fast enough.... kids... why do they always somehow embarrassed you in public!!!

Next stop Sainsbury to get some grocery. Halfway, the little mink wanted a drink so I had to go back to the car to get him one. Decided to stay in instead as it was almost drawing to 4pm and couldn't bear the hassle of going in and looking for hubby and the other son!

Got the boys early to bed as my friends were coming around to scrap! Couldn't resist showing off my trolley and I've no doubt one of them will be heading towards Costco soon! :) TTFN!

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